Jumbo Comic Pack- Alberto Series Volume 1 - 24

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Here is the entire collection of full-color comic books published by Jack T. Chick. Get all 24 of Jack Chick's comics for the price of 18. You'll enjoy the full color art, while learning how to be a Christian. The special Alberto Series will teach you why Roman Catholicism is wrong, and give you a love and compassion to help Catholics find saving faith in Jesus.

Get the entire set at a discount today, and find out why so many people have reported that these comic books helped them grow as Christians.

Comics Included:

The Crusaders, The Broken Cross, Scar Face, Exorcists, Chaos, Primal Man?, The Ark, The Gift, Angel of Light, Spellbound?, Sabotage, Alberto, Double-Cross, The Godfathers, The Force, The Four Horsemen, The Prophet, The Enchanter, Unwanted, Jesuits, Black Angel, King of Kings, The Big Betrayal, Unthinkable

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