Book - Should a Christian be a Mason? by David W Daniels

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Is Masonry Biblical? Who will you trust to find out?

This book has a specific purpose: It will help you to find out what Masonry believes, compared to what the Bible says.

For Christians, the Bible is our only reliable source to learn who God is, and what He wants for us, including how to get our sins forgiven and have eternal life in heaven with Him.

If we want to understand Masonry, we need to find out what is taught to its leaders and higher-degree Masons and compare that to what the Bible says.

You must be able to answer this question with confidence and understanding: "Should a Christian be a Mason?"

To do that, we need to find out these things:

  • Where did Masonry come from?
  • What do Masons believe?
  • Who can we trust for our information?
  • Who is God, according to these trusted authorities?
  • Is the God of the Bible the same as the god of masonry?

By the end of this book you will be able to answer these questions for yourself.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Masonry's Secret Origin

Chapter 2 - Masonic Beliefs Exposed 

Chapter 3 - Who Will You Trust? 
      a. Joseph Fort Newton 
      b. Albert Pike

Chapter 4 - Masonry's Position on the Bible
      a. Is the Bible Their Source and Guide? 
      b. The Bible to a Christian

Chapter 5 - Masonic Symbols for Deity 
      a. What Are the Sun and Moon in Masonry? 
      b. The Triangle and the Eye: Sun and God 
      c. The Eye of Gold: the Sun or the Deity 
      d. The Sun, Triangle and Star: God and ?Correct Knowledge? 
      e. The Sun and Moon: Also Osiris and Isis 
      f. The Sun and Moon: Also Hermes/Mercury/Thoth and the Master of the Lodge 
      g. Mourning the Sun 

Chapter 6 - Masonic Teachings about Jesus 

Chapter 7 - Christ in a Pentagram? 
      a. The Alpha-Omega Pentagram: The Divine in the Human 
      b. The Pentagram as Ahura and the Four Male Emanations 

Chapter 8 - Baphomet: Masonry's Dirty Secret 
      a. Éliphas Lévi's Influence on Masonry 
      b. Éliphas Lévi's Drawing of the Baphomet 
      c. Descriptions of the Baphomet 
            i. How Albert Pike described the Baphomet 
            ii. What's missing from Pike's quotation of Lévi
            iii. Pike's second Baphomet quote 

Chapter 9 - Conclusion 

Chapter 10 - Now What do I Do?

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