Book - Did The Catholic Church Give Us The Bible? by David W Daniels

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The True History of God's Words

This revised and expanded Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible? has two more chapters and is about 20% larger than the first edition, and has much important information that is not so well-known, to English or Spanish-speakers. But when brothers and sisters in Christ learn the true reason for new Bible versions, and when the Spanish-speaking believers learn what the English speaking "scholars" thought of them, they may seriously reconsider trusting them and their Jesuit associates, choosing instead to trust God's preserved words whether in English, the King James Bible, or in Spanish, the Reina-Valera-Gómez 2012.

There is not one history of the Bible, but two. One is a history of God preserving His words through His people. The other is of the devil using the Roman Catholic church to pervert God's words through her "scholars."

Written in a down-to-earth style, and packed with cartoon illustrations by Jack Chick, Daniels shows that the Bibles Rome gave us are really clever counterfeits, designed to eliminate God's preserved words in English, the KJV. You will see why the KJV is the only Bible you can trust.

Will you trust God and believe His preserved words, or will you trust yourself to pick a Bible version that says what men think God meant to say?

Paperback 208 pages

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