Book - The Priest, The Woman and the Confessional by Charles Chiniquy

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(ENGELSTALIG)Former priest reveals a tragic danger of the confessional.

What happens when women are commanded, under penalty of eternal damnation, to confess to a man their deepest sexual thoughts and sins?

Former priest, Charles Chiniquy, continually dealt with this problem. He personally heard the confessions of over 200 priests. All but 21 admitted falling prey to Satan's devices in this area.

This book reverently and tastefully exposes why confession of sins to a man cannot be of God. You'll see how this practice destroys both the priest and the person doing the confessing.




Chapter 1: The Struggle before the Surrender of Womanly Self-respect in the Confessional

Chapter 2: Auricular Confession a deep Pit of Perdition for the Priest

Chapter 3: The Confessional is the Modern Sodom

Chapter 4: How the Vow of Celibacy of the Priests is made easy by Auricular Confession

Chapter 5: The highly-educated and refined Woman in the Confessional - What becomes of her after unconditional surrender - Her irreparable Ruin

Chapter 6: Auricular Confession destroys all the Sacred Ties of Marriage and Human Society

Chapter 7: Should Auricular Confession be tolerated among Civilized Nations?

Chapter 8: Does Auricular Confession bring Peace to the Soul?

Chapter 9: The Dogma of Auricular Confession a Sacrilegious Imposture

Chapter 10: God compels the Church of Rome to confess the Abominations of Auricular Confession

Chapter 11: Auricular Confession in Australia, America, and France

Chapter 12: A Chapter for the Consideration of Legislators, Husbands, and Fathers - Some of the matters on which the Priest of Rome must question his Penitents

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