Book - Did Jesus use the Septuagint? by David W Daniels

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Did Jesus read the Septuagint?

That's what they may have taught your pastor in college. Do you know why?

Simple: the Septuagint contains the Apocrypha, and there are people who want your pastor (and you) to have the Apocrypha in your Bible, too. Why? So you will accept Catholic superstitions like:

  • Purgatory and prayers for the dead
  • Payment to forgive sins
  • Angels as mediators

In this new book, David Daniels takes each of the “proofs” promoting a BC Septuagint and shows why they can’t be trusted. He shows that Jesus read the same Hebrew Scriptures read by every other devout Jew.

Don’t be fooled by the push for “One World Bible for One World Religion.”

Paperback 112 pages

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